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Scorched Earthclose

An African immigrant working as a maid accuses an Italian diplomat of rape, but is she really in it just for the money? Meanwhile, Stabler's return remains in doubt after his latest shooting.

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Personal Foulsclose

SVU investigates an accusation that a revered high school basketball coach sexually abused his players, but they ultimately may need the cooperation of a reluctant pro superstar to make the case.

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Blood Brothersclose

A pregnant 13 year old girl from Washington Heights claims that the son of an ambassador raped her, but the accused goes missing before SVU can question him.

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Double Strandsclose

Detective Rollins believes that SVU has caught a serial rapist from one of her earlier cases in Georgia, but a passioned request after a suicide attempt leads Amaro to suspect that they may have the wrong person.

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Missing Piecesclose

Detectives search for a missing baby on Halloween after a young mother from Buffalo tells them her car was stolen while her baby was still in it.

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True Believersclose

The SVU team works together to investigate the case of a promising music student who was brutally raped at gunpoint.

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Russian Bridesclose

In order to bring down a Russian mobster running an international prostitution/kidnapping ring disguised as a Russian bride website, Cragen steps from behind the desk to go undercover as a "john".

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Educated Guessclose

A patient in a mental hospital claims to have witnessed a sexual assault. However, the supposed victim is a fellow patient who has a history of making rape allegations, but she denies being assaulted this time.

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Lost Travelerclose

When a Romani boy vanishes on his way home from school, the Special Victims Unit must penetrate his insular community to find the unlikely abductors.

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Spiraling Downclose

A retired pro quarterback is busted for having sex with a 14-year-old prostitute, but he may be suffering from diminished capacity because of all the concussions he had on the field.

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Theatre Tricksclose

SVU tries to figure out who was responsible for the real-life rape of an actress during an interactive theater performance that everybody just assumed was part of the show.

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Official Storyclose

Benson and Amaro must work around a resistant victim when the CEO of a military contractor is assaulted

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Father's Shadowclose

A 19-year-old creates a hostage situation after his father is accused of sexual assault, and Olivia uses her personal experience to help defuse the situation.

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Home Invasionsclose

After a couple is murdered in their home and their daughter is critically injured, SVU uncovers a number of twisted family secrets, as well as detective Rollins' gambling addiction.

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Hunting Groundclose

Detectives Benson and Amaro lead the search for a serial killer who is targeting young prostitutes.

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Child's Welfareclose

Detective Benson calls on Bayard Ellis for legal help when her estranged brother, Simon Marsden gets caught in a child custody battle. Also, Detectives Tutuola and Rollins investigate why a newborn baby is abandoned near a hospital.

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Justice Deniedclose

A closed rape case of Benson's is reopened because of it's similarities to a new case, and the possibility of wrongful imprisonment surfaces. As Benson's work is questioned, tension develops between her, ADA Haden and Bayard Ellis

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Valentine's Dayclose

A man witnesses his wife's rape and kidnapping while video chatting with her on his way home from a business trip. The abductors seek a ransom, and the case grows more complex as detectives probe deeper

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Street Revengeclose

The task of find a serial rapist becomes more difficult when a team of neighborhood vigilante "superheroes" starts trying to avenge the crimes.

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Father Dearestclose

Detectives search for a missing teenage girl who vanished while looking for her biological father, an anonymous sperm donor. A puzzling prime suspect who's targeted several young women soon emerges.

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Learning Curveclose

As Fin tries to get justice after his gay son's fiancé is brutally beaten in a hate crime, SVU uncovers a scandal involving a teacher sexually abusing a student at a prep school.

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Strange Beautyclose

The investigation of the homicide of a young woman who recently had her leg amputated sends SVU into the strange culture of body modification.

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Rhodium Nightsclose

The murder of a prostitute at a bachelor party sends SVU on a dangerous investigation that could lead all the way into the highest reaches of New York power and influence.

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